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The Box or the Chocolates?

I believe it was Vance Packard, in his seminal book, The Hidden Persuaders that told the story of how Whitman© Chocolates used to spend more on developing and producing the box in which the chocolates were sold then on the chocolates themselves. The packaging was more important then the chocolates to selling the product. Human nature? Perhaps. A sustainable solution? No. Think Lindt ® chocolates. This same myopic approach seems to be driving the discussion about Container security and monitoring solutions. The technology discussion is trumping the business imperative. Truth is, after determining the technologies reliability, flexibility and ease of use, users -- the 3PLs and their clients, the consignees -- don’t care about the engineering or hardware. Think iPod®. The optimal container monitoring solution recognizes: The box (Container) is not important: it’s the goods inside the Container that matters The truck or Vessel that delivers the goods is not important: it’s the goods in the

Beijing-Hamburg freight service completes maiden journey

This latest news from Deutsche Bahn is another evidence, that Globalization, compliance and sustainability challenges create new business opportunities for LSPs! Real-time visibility certainly can support these new business opportunities. **************************************************************************** Beijing-Hamburg freight service completes maiden journey by Staff Writers Hamburg, Germany (AFP) Jan 24, 2008 A goods train from Beijing arrived in Hamburg on Thursday after having crossed six countries in a journey organisers said could ring in a new era of rail transport between Asia and Europe. The "Beijing-Hamburg Container Express" left the Chinese capital on January 9 with its cargo of shoes, toys and electronic goods and covered the distance of 10,000 kilometres (6,200 miles) in 15 days, Germany's state-owned rail operator Deutsche Bahn said. The company's logistics chief, Norbert Bensel, said the inaugural journey on the new rail route had delivered