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14 Tons of Cigarettes Washed Up

Just recently we received the following request from one of our clients: „Can you check and advise if any of our tracked boxes are on this vessel?“ What happened? On February 14, the 8’160 TEU Svendborg Maersk was battered by winds reaching 60 knots and waves reaching 10 meters resulting the collapse of container stacks on the vessel. 520 containers went overboard and several others got damaged. (see also ) By the way: One of the containers washed off the vessel is a huge shipping container with as many as 11 million cigarettes inside (- but police are warning any wreckers 'looking for free fags' to stay well away). The 520 lost containers could result for many companies in the abrupt break in their supply chain. The companies of the other thousands of containers are most likely affected by delays or product quality claims, as the vessel has to stop for re-stowage of collapsed container stacks and take ou

Sochi chalet runs out of traditional Swiss raclette melting cheese

Sochi, Russia (Reuters) - The House of Switzerland chalet has become one of the main attractions in Sochi's Olympic Park, offering takeaway food, a sit-down restaurant, and parties well into the night. But the venue's popularity has come at a price. Just eight days into the Games, the traditional Swiss kitchen ran out of one of its main dishes - raclette cheese. The hearty meal had become a best-seller in the house's takeaway area. "The demand was so high that after almost 10 days we ran out," said the House of Switzerland's head Chef Christian Zueger after making a plate of raclette from the final block remaining. "We put in another order but the delivery didn't really work.” New supplies of the cheese should have already arrived in Sochi as the caterers ordered a further 800 kg to be transported by truck from Switzerland to Russia through Ukraine as soon as they noticed the stocks dwindling. But the 20-ton truck carrying the cheese

Police warning after drug traffickers' cyber-attack

To make one statement clear from beginning: The arviem service could not have prevented any of these cyber-attacks. However, the independent monitoring service could have detected unauthorized door openings long before. Also the mentioned plot "when entire containers began to disappear" could have been detected in real-time and responsible people been informed. Cargo monitoring could not only be used to prevent trafficking drugs - but also to prevent smuggling huge amount of money in containers from one country to another.  ************************** By Tom Bateman Reporter, Today programme The head of Europe's crime fighting agency has warned of the growing risk of organised crime groups using cyber-attacks to allow them to traffic drugs. The director of Europol, Rob Wainwright, says the internet is being used to facilitate the international drug trafficking business. His comments follow a