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Shock of 20G on Container while in Transit

Attached a picture of a container, which was exposed to a shock of 20G while in transport. Thanks to real-time cargo monitoring, the shipper immediately was able to assess the impact on its cargo and make decisions on - continuing the trip, and/or  - reorder cargo in a new container - inspect container - claims handling - proactively inform client The real-time monitoring also allows to precisely identify - location of incident, - time, - custody, and a historical analysis on how often such incidents happen(ed), where and in whose custody. All this information allows to mitigate future risk, reduce insurance premium and capital cost.

The Silk Railway: freight train from China pulls up in Madrid The longest rail link in the world and the first direct link between China and Spain is up and running after a train from Yiwu in coastal China completed its maiden journey of 8,111 miles to Madrid. En route it passed through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany and France before arriving at the AbroƱigal freight terminal in Madrid. The railway has been dubbed the “21st-century Silk Road” by Li Qiang, the governor of Zhejiang province, where Yiwu is located. Its route is longer than the Trans-Siberian railway and the Orient Express. The first train was met by the mayor of Madrid, Ana Botella, and Spain’s minister of public works, Ana Pastor. It consisted of 30 containers carrying 1,400 tonnes of cargo – mostly toys, stationery and other items for sale over Christmas across Europe. According to China’s ambassador to Spain, Zhu Banzao, it will return laden with win