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What are the Impediments to an Effective Global Trade?

If you define an ‘Effective Global Trade’ as a trade that is executed on schedule, without damage to the cargo and at planned cost, then your threshold for an ‘Effective Global Trade’ is too low. If you define an ‘Effective Global Trade’ as a transaction that is on schedule, at cost, end to end visible, continuously monitored, agile enough to enable redirecting the container and inventory while in transit, with managed and authorized custody, all transactions executed on line, 100% compliant with Customs and regulatory rules, and with fulfillment data integrated into your supply chain management system and ERP’s, then your concept of an ‘Effective Global Trade’ is aspirational. What challenges do Consignees or traders, LSP’s and Regulators face in trying to realize an aspirational “Effective Global Trade’? Consignee, LSP’s and Regulators: the consignee, fulfillment and regulatory takeholders business practices and culture attributes that impede an effective trade include: · Cons