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How real-time cargo monitoring can safe lives

Is it morally defensible to write about African refugees to actually advertise a commercial cargo monitoring service? Hundreds of thousands of people are preparing to cross the Mediterranean from the North African coast to Europe. Figures for the first few months of this year already show a dramatic increase on previous years. They know they are putting their lives at risk in the hope of a better life in Europe. In order to cross the boarders, many options are tested out, among them also travelling as stowaways in containers. While the container is in transit to the outbound port, refugees intrude into containers and try to reach their goal like prisoners in metal boxes. For the shipper of the container there is another side to the coin. Customs clearance of containers will be slower, cargo will arrive later and/or miss the vessel and most likely some of the cargo can’t be used anymore. arviem’s cargo monitoring services help to address such issues. Monitored contain