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Eco-Responsible Rail-Freight

In one of our previous blog articles, we already mentioned the arviem capability of carbon-foot print analysis based on real-time cargo monitoring data. Real-time cargo monitoring could provide the relevant information and help to select areas of improvement. Improvements in the logistics chain are not only good for the environment. Less emissions usually also translate to less logistics cost, less capital cost, less insurance, etc. Today we publish a blog contribution from TK’Blue Agency . The European TK’Blue Agency is a labelling and rating agency of eco-responsible transportation organized as a collaborative platform. by Cassandre Hamel The transport sector is known to be one of the biggest CO2 emitters. On this subject, only rail freight can claim to have a low environmental footprint. However, slightly resting on its “CO2” laurels, rail freight has never really brought forward all of its other societal and environmental assets. For example, the 2007 “ Gr