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Dump the antique 'Visibility' in supply chains; it's a dust collector!

Let's dive into a cutting-edge and crucial topic: visibility in supply chains. I dare to say that the term "visibility" and with that, the visibility solutions seem rooted in an outdated idea, relying heavily on human perception: our eyes. In this era of relentless dedication to harnessing state-of-the-art technologies, it's fair to question why we cling to a concept that intelligent AI-driven systems could potentially surpass. So, allow me to engage you in a conversation that combines insightful illumination with a dash of audacious discernment. While dashboards with complex visual representations provide insight into the inner workings of our supply networks, there is an undeniable appeal to going beyond this informational satisfaction and embracing the realm of dynamic resolution hubs. These intelligent resolution hubs, fueled by the power of artificial intelligence, possess an incredible ability to predict and prevent upcoming challenges proactively. Workflows (no