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100% container scanning is not reasonable

In a article from last week a US congresswoman is quoted as following: “I have said it once and I will say it again, we need 100 percent scanning at our ports. The risks are too high not to.” I’d like to use an analogy in the discussion about 100% container scanning. Imagine you have your house inspected by the police to make sure no thief is in the house who could harm you or steal your valuable goods. After successful inspection, the police move away and your house remains unguarded and unlocked. There is a short moment the house can be considered secure and trusted. But shortly after, the house is wide open again for any gatecrasher. Even worse. Because of the inspection, you feel secure and you lose any usual caution, which could lead to the situation of being negatively surprised easily. The discussion about the 100% container scanning is comparable with the house inspection. For a short moment the container might be marked as secure, if the scanning data