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Adding Value to Your Company When You Don't Know Jack About Data

  You finally got your supply chain visibility (, but the positive effect still needs to be added. You may be rich in data but need help figuring out what to do with it ( Are you data-rich but still need to be data-wealthy? Why don't we compare a "rich person" in the classical sense to a "new data-rich supply chain manager" and see how they got rich and stayed wealthy? I looked up some advice, and Harvard Business Review summarizes four learnings in an article titled " How to Build Wealth When You Don't Come from Money ": 1.) Let go of limiting beliefs. Your mindset can lead to significant missed opportunities if you keep limits and believe you don't deserve abundance. 2.) Accept that money is not always evil. Understanding that you can use your money to do good in the world can be a game-changer. 3.) Understand that a high income is not enough. Building wealth requires intentionally managing your expenses - and, yes, in

Supply Chain Visibility: The Trashy Reality TV Show You Can't Escape

D o you know those trashy reality TV shows? The ones that you can't get away from? The ones your kids watch on their phones while you try to talk to them about something important? Yeah, those.   And then there's the term "visibility," which is used in the supply chain industry – and it's just as annoying. Admittedly, the audience for visibility isn't as large as for “ Too Hot to Handl e” or “Love Island”. Still, for supply chain industry savvy people, it's also just another term for trash TV that you can't escape.   But here's where things get interesting: there are some pretty consistent parallels between these two types of trashy media. In these broadcast formats, every angle is filmed and tapped - similar to tracking cargo in transit! Every detail of going to the bathroom (including intimate shaving), activities under the covers in the bedroom (and much more) is filmed and recorded seamlessly using "sensors." And because such "ra

"Logistics Control Tower" versus "Supply-Chain Resolution Hub"

Today's main Supply Chain Challenges are complexity, visibility and risk. While automation has made supply chains more efficient, they've also become more complex and convoluted. This is why we need a new approach to managing them: the resolution hub. To understand this new approach, we'll explore some of today's most common problems with existing control towers and how they can be solved with a resolution hub solution that monitors, detects and resolves problems at scale in real-time.   Today's main Supply Chain challenges are complexity. Complexity is a challenge for all organisations, but it is especially difficult for SMEs who face challenges on multiple fronts: ●    Complexity is multi-dimensional, cross-functional and international in nature. It touches every part of the business from sourcing through manufacturing and delivery to sales and marketing. ●    You can't solve this problem alone - you need an ecosystem of partners that can help you with your ch