Friday, 2 May 2014

What's your definition of supply chain?

From time to time I'm reading through the mails I get from my LinkedIn discussion group "Supply Chain Management Group".
I stumbled over a question, which made me very curious: 

What is your two word definition of supply chain?

For your convenience I list some of the answers here:
- absolute certainty
- real-time communication
- demand matching
- customer satisfaction
- managed predictability
- risk management
- optimized flow
- value add
- realistic commitments
- etc.

I tend to add two more answers from my side
- realtime monitoring
- arviem services

Realtime cargo monitoring does not solve all these ideas 100% itself. But realtime cargo monitoring could contribute substantially.
Or to quote one of our clients: This is a no-brainer!

Read about the mentioned discussion on LinkedIn yourself:  LinkedIn discussion

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