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Swisscom and ZKB Join investiere in CHF 1.35M Round for arviem

Zug, 16 December 2013 - arviem, a Zug-based startup providing global cargo monitoring services, announces the successful closing of a CHF 1.35 million financing round. arviem provides its well-known blue chip clients such as DOW Chemical, Nestlé, Bacardi and Hellmann Worldwide Logistics with a real-time end-to-end cargo monitoring service that empowers them to optimize their supply chains. arviem’s clients receive accurate real- time data and analytics on their cargo shipments and can therefore take critical decisions and reduce costs dramatically.
To raise this amount, arviem partnered with the acclaimed online startup-investment- platform investiere. About half the funds raised were provided by private business angels from the investiere-community. The other half came from investiere’s co-investors Swisscom Ventures and Zürcher Kantonalbank.
Typical for investiere investment rounds, the online investment platform provided a private lead investor. This lead investor, who contributed close to 20% of the capital raised in this round, performed complementary due diligence and shared his findings with all the co- investors.
investiere was also given a demanding syndication mandate and was able to bring Swisscom and Zürcher Kantonalbank on board as co-investors. investiere structured the deal, shared its due diligence findings and coordinated between all the parties involved, once again proving its ability to find the best opportunities and its dedication to state-of- the-art deal structuring that benefits all the parties involved.
The financing round was significantly oversubscribed on investiere’s online platform. Therefore, only investors with the biggest strategic value to arviem were able to participate. investiere co-founder Steffen Wagner explains: ‘‘It is our policy that entrepreneurs should be able to pick the best investors, not necessarily the richest. We pride ourselves on our impressive investor community, many of whom want to share their experience, know-how and networks with the startups they invest in.’’
The funds raised will allow arviem to reach profitability this year. arviem will further invest in its core value proposition, namely data analytics. Moreover, front office processes will be enhanced so that an accelerated growth strategy can be realized.

About arviem
arviem is an independent Global Cargo Monitoring Service provider offering end to end trade monitoring and management services. arviem’s services enable clients to effectively manage their (global) supply chains. The company has a unique skill set of logistics and supply chain know how and solutions, allowing it to offer a portfolio of critical skills and services. arviem is headquartered in Baar, Switzerland.

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About investiere
investiere is a community of about 3'000 top investors and industry experts focused on startup companies, as well as being one of Europe’s leading online startup investment platforms. Since 2010, 20 outstanding startups have used investiere to raise funds from private investors who bring relevant industry expertise and networks. Using the platform, the community itself identifies the most promising investment opportunities which are then further reviewed by experts from the relevant industry. A final selection is made by the investiere team and its partners after a careful due diligence. Once approved by the investiere team, investors can directly choose a specific startup and become a shareholder with all voting and property rights provided by the law. investiere systematically combines private investors with selected lead investors as well as institutional co-investors. investiere is operated by Verve Capital Partners AG with domicile Switzerland.

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