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arviem Operations - a Look behind the Scenes

It’s all about logistics! But most of us do not even notice its existence. These days we can buy nearly every product in the world online and receive it at home within a few days. Millions of goods are packed, collected, stored, transported, transshipped and delivered daily. Many of these shipments do need special care because their contents are..

  • perishable
  • fragile
  • dangerous
  • time-critical
  • of high value
  • critical in terms of humidity or shock

That is where arviem’s Cargo Monitoring Services come into play. But for once I do not want to talk about the needs or the benefits our system is providing to our customers. This time I would like to introduce you to arviem’s Operations and I would like to let you take a short look behind the scenes.

Arviem Operations takes care of the daily business. The team ensures safe and on time deliveries and does the entire backend setup. Our Operations team works globally and deals with different cultures, and management levels as well as with Customs authorities, logistics service providers and with our customers at the same time. Since global cargo shipping never stops our team and system in on duty 24/7 at 365 days a year.
Balancing through all this is not the easiest and requires flexibility, experience and understanding from our team members.
The arviem Operations team is built up very flat and flexible. Devided in responsible persons for different geographical regions and customers our team supports and supplies our customers on the highest possible service level.

Logistics Services

Our logistics services is based on three pillars

  • Forecasts from our customers
  • Fine Global network of logistics service providers
  • Powerful web-based Operations platform

Normally a new customer-project starts with a pilot or test period in which arviem Operations is deeply involved. First time device supply and system setup is then being tested. Dashboard access and introduction is provided to our customers. As second step we create SOP’s (Standard Operations Processes) and implement a routine that is most beneficial and required least efforts for both parties. Of course our physical supplies and return of devices are depending on a frequent and reliable flow of information from either side. Our target here is to keep logistics costs as low as possible and to never run out of stock.

Customer Support Center

Arviem’s Customer Support belongs to the operations team’s responsibilities too. Highest reachability and ultra short response and resolution times are on our primer focus. This also requires high flexibility and system knowledge from our team members.


Our web-based monitoring platform is our „baby“. This powerful software is engineered and programmed 100% in-house and makes us flexible and extremely fast. Our system is the backbone for Operations and lets us work from all over the globe completely independent from time and places. Arviem Operations knows the platform like the back of their hands and is constantly improving it by defining the requirements for their Operations part. This is one of the funniest parts of our jobs because it leaves a lot of space for creativity and innovation. Our goal is controlling thousands of shipments over one perfectly optimized Operations dashboard so that our customers have the most efficient Cargo Monitoring Service ever built.

The Future

It’s all about logistics.. Providing best quality services and support, delivering on time at the right spots and improving our solution constantly are our goals for the future. We are looking forward meeting you, answering your questions or simply reading your feedback.


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